Sir – a Letter to the Economist

N.B. : ce post était initialement un (long) tweet en réponse au compte The Economist, c’est pour cela qu’il est en anglais.  The Economist en a publié un extrait dans son numéro du 25 septembre 2010.

I’m an avid reader of your newspaper and subscriber since college. I’m also a policy advisor in the equivalent of the CRD of the ruling UMP Party. Your leader on my country and my president is interesting. As always, you invite us to face reality and be bold reformists.

Not only are you harsh in your criticism but also partially unfair and inconsistent with past leaders. Don’t forget Sarkozy’s achievement so far, an achievement you praised in the past.

But the cover you chose will annihilate any hope you could have to wake up the French debate. Any columnist, any opponent of the president will use it to poke fun at him. They will take it as evidence that this presidency has lowered the standing of France abroad. Unfortunately, your cover does exactly that.

I already hear Martine Aubry saying, “This week, The Economist, not the most left-wing newspaper in the world, poked fun at Nicolas Sarkozy.” Even if you class them as “palaeolithic”, socialists will take advantage of the image you chose.

In the end, your message that France is not reformist enough will not be heard. You have weakened our country’s ability to reform, you have increased the chances for the Parti Socialiste in the 2012 elections and you have increased the odds of success for Ms Aubry, who introduced the 35-hour working-week law.

Is that really what you wanted ?

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